Hello and welcome!

My name is Jenny LaCorte Bailey. I’m a color consultant and wardrobe stylist and the founder of JLB Style.


Looking back, it’s not too surprising that I found my way into this line of work. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved sewing, decorating, and “dressing up.” It’s always been part of my life.


I started my career in telecommunications, but my lifelong passion for design and color led me to study Interior Design at UC Berkeley and Color and Appearance Design Systems at Image and Color Institute International.


With over ten years of experience, I apply the principles of color, shape, and design to help women discover their authentic individuality – what makes them unique and special. I teach people to feel at home in their own bodies and to transfer that confidence into self-empowerment in every aspect of their lives. This helps my clients become highly selective in choosing clothing and accessories that are in harmony with their body’s inherent design, and in alignment with their lifestyle and personal goals.


My love for nature and the planet ignited my activism in the movement towards eradicating pollution caused by the fashion industry. I advocate for sustainable practices in all industries and choose eco-conscious and organic brands whenever I can.


On the local level, I’ve been volunteering at a nonprofit called Bloom (formerly called Image for Success) since 2012. Bloom’s mission is to support women who have survived great hardship and adversity, and help them re-enter the workforce and create financial security.


Today, I offer color consulting and wardrobe styling for women, and I typically work with clients based in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you live elsewhere, I’m available for Skype/Facetime sessions, too. And if hiring me isn’t within your budget right now, I have a blog and newsletter with style tips that you can dive into anytime.


Thanks for visiting my site—and if you’re interested in working with me, reach out anytime!

Your Vivid Style

Jenny LaCorte Bailey