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Capsule Wardrobe, Fall is a time for change

Fall is a brilliant time because our smiles are wide from the fun we’ve had in the sun, the air is floating with a sense of renewal, and you can begin to transition into a cooler weather wardrobe (think boots and sweaters).


School resumes session, the fall harvest is ready for picking (especially the grapes in wine country), and my DVR is already set for the new episodes of This is Us on NBC.


“In fact, a study from last August by Pinterest has revealed that 59% of people wanted to make positive changes to their lifestyle in September, 69% believed small improvements in September are much easier to achieve than making New Year’s resolutions in January and 38% believed that the end of summer feels like a fresh start.” -Elle


Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

During the Fall, I’m hosting a 30-Day Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge for anyone and everyone who wants to recharge their year.  I’ve been getting into the spirit by changing out my wide plastic hangers for the narrow felt version – saving space in my closet.

These are just a few small and simple ways to have less and be more present in your life.  Join me for the 30-Day Challenge.

Click here to join the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge!!

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