During the process we will determine which items can be altered to fit, you’ll get my ‘go-to tailor list’ or decide if items are better suited to be consigned/donated, and I will take those items away for you. We will organize your closet by categories and color schemes helping you get dressed timely and mindfully.


I will share my ideas on which retailers, e-tailers, designers and brands that will best align with your personal style, colors, and budget. We will create a shopping list of items that will make a great addition to your capsule wardrobe.


*Note: Closets sized at 6 feet wide by 2.5 feet deep with one shelf or smaller can be edited in three hours. Closets larger than this measurement may need one or two additional sessions, depending on size, to complete the editing process.

$367 | 3 hour appointment

Closet Edit/Organization, Consignment Management, and Tailor Recommendations

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Travel fees apply when traveling beyond 30 miles from Novato. Payment Plans are available.