Color, Visual Design + Personal Prints

You will receive a personalized palette with 17 color sticks made with approximately 85 fabric swatches. You will also receive a Color Cues guide, which outlines the non-verbal message of each of your colors, and a seasonal reference which includes a characteristics chart. The color palette includes swatches in these categories: neutrals, related white, melanin skin-tone, blush skin-tone, related red, dramatics, alternatives, subdued, metals, prints/patterns, and pastels. *Note: My work continues after we wrap up. I will review the palette with a ‘fresh set of eyes’ to see if adjustments are needed to enhance the palette. The palette will be delivered 2-3 weeks from the date of your color session.

There are three groups that influence your seasonal reference:

  • Color: Skin Tone

    Value, Contrast, Color Quality, Color Harmony, Color Temperature

  • Design: Facial Features

    Amt. of Design, Design Weight, Definition, Yin/Yang

  • Personality: The impression you want to share with the world and your life goals

    Introvert/Extrovert, Walk/Talk, Energy level, Essence

Visual references will include: one celebrity doppelganger, three prints/patterns, one facial features in flower, five inspirational outfits. The visual references will be created following our color appointment and delivered to your inbox within fourteen days.

$627 | 3 hour appointment (2 hours behind-the-scenes)

17 Stick Personalized Color Palette, Color Cues Guide, Seasonal Reference, Visual Design Elements and Principles

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Appointments work best in my sun-lit studio in Novato. Additional travel and set-up fees apply when color appointments are off-site. Payment Plans are available.


The color assessment process is based on the teachings of Suzanne Caygill, an acclaimed color master and founder of seasonal color theory.