The Four Key Elements of a Fabulous Wardrobe

People ask me all the time, how do I know what to wear…or what even looks good on me?  They also say, it is easy for celebrities to look great – they have tons of money and exercise with trainers.  While the latter is true for most celebrities, I find all people can dress fabulously with four key elements – color, fit, lifestyle, and budget.  It doesn’t take a million bucks or Jillian Michaels to dress your best.  This information is going to work best if you have a fair and accurate assessment of your current appearance – ask a trusted friend/relative or professional style coach for any needed help.


COLOR – What color is your hair (at the root and grown out)?  Hair color is one of the most important elements when deciding your seasonal color palette.  What is your eye color?  What is your skin tone (warm tone or cool tone)?  Basics are best in neutrals.  Mix solids with prints, darks and lights, add pops of color for character and interest.  Add color to your tops and accessories, see how much fun you can have with color!


The rules for wearing black: The color black makes a strong statement- it is important to wear it correctly.  Combine black with other colors in your seasonal color palette to create a professional and appropriate look.  For lighter skin tones, avoid wearing black near your face.  Use accessories and subtle pops of color to let your personality shine through, while still upholding the professional image outlined in your company dress code.


FIT – The goal is a graceful fit – not too tight, and not too loose.  Best for your height, proportion, face shape.  Dressing for your present shape will give you the best results.  Be happy with who you are, and if you desire, put some movement in your life.


LIFESTYLE – When creating your wardrobe, your lifestyle will greatly influence what pieces will function best.  What industry do you work?  How do you spend your weeknights and weekends?  Where do you prefer going on vacation?  Answering these questions will help determine what style pieces work, and which fabrics will serve you the best.


BUDGET – Set a realistic budget.  Dressing appropriately for work is very important – boost your visual currency, and see how it pays off.  Clothing stores are everywhere – find a few that work with your budget and style.

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