Secondhand Safari

A Secondhand Safari is a stylist-led (that’s me) tour of three to five pre-selected secondhand boutiques in a SF Bay Area region of your choice.  The highlighted geographies include: East Bay, Marin County, Petaluma, downtown Sacramento, San Francisco, and Sonoma County. 

As your guide, we will travel from one boutique to the next either all together or in two vehicles, depending on the arrangements.  I will share tips on how to choose and care for garments, help you select clothing that aligns with your coloring and personal style, and most of all bring on the fun! 

Secondhand Safari’s typically begin at 11am and conclude at 4pm, and I like to host lunch for about an hour.  The ideal group size is 4 to 6, and we focus on women’s clothing.  The Secondhand Safari is the eco-conscious way to shop in 2020!