The Starter Style

The Starter Style

$2,250* |  15 hours of style coaching

The Starter Style is perfect for when you’re interested in learning more about your personal style, but prefer to take smaller steps before jumping all in.

In-depth Interview – We will begin crafting your Style Story. I will ask about your background, hobbies, lifestyle, favorites, professional goals, and the non-verbal messages you want to send with your style

Color + Visual Design + Personal Prints – Creating a personalized color palette begins with an assessment of your skin-tone, hair and eye color, known as your inherent coloring. We will explore your natural tendencies, behaviors, and preferences which will guide your season. Your personal color palette fan is included.

Clothing Style & Silhouette Evaluation – This is the ultimate solution for the frequently asked question, “What looks good on me?” You will learn which garment styles, lengths, and accessories best suit your body shape and proportions.

Closet Edit – We’ll edit your closet, remove what doesn’t work, and make room for new pieces that resonate with your personal style. We create a thoughtful shopping list of items to round out and complete your Capsule Wardrobe. We start with three hours.

Shopping List – After the closet edit, a shopping list is compiled with items that complement your existing wardrobe. You’ll bring your list with you when you go out and shop.

Outfit Curation – We wrap up our work by curating outfits for your day-to-day events, and upcoming social occasions. You will begin to experience those Style Wins, when you look and feel your very best.

*Travel fees apply when commuting is over 45 minutes from Novato.  Fees will be billed at $15 per every quarter hour exceeding the 45 minutes.

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