The Ultimate Style

The Ultimate Style

$3,750* |  25 hours of style coaching

The Ultimate Style package is the most comprehensive of all the services.  Clients will rave about the attention to detail and how amazing they feel throughout the process.

In-depth Interview – We will begin crafting your Style Story.  I will ask about your background, hobbies, lifestyle, favorites, professional goals, and the non-verbal messages you want to send with your style.

Color Analysis – Creating a harmonious and customized color fan that becomes an excellent guide when selecting clothing, accessories, hair color, and make-up.  It reduces impulse purchases! Your personal color palette fan is included.

Visual Design + Personal PrintsVisual references will include: one celebrity doppelganger, three prints/patterns, one facial features in flower, five inspirational outfits.  The visual references will be created following our color appointment and delivered to your inbox within fourteen days of color appointment. 

Clothing Style & Silhouette Evaluation This is the ultimate solution for the frequently asked question, “What looks good on me?”  You will learn which garment styles, lengths, and accessories best suit your body shape and proportions.

Closet EditFor most, editing your existing wardrobe can be scary.  The process is handled with delicacy and care.  Each piece is evaluated and placed into piles of – keep, toss, mend, or donate – always with your stamp of approval.  The closet will be organized by color, purpose, and season.  We begin with three hours.

Shopping ListAfter the closet edit, a shopping list is compiled with items that complement your existing wardrobe.  We will begin to create a Capsule Wardrobe.  Both item description and ideas of where to find it will be provided.

Personal Shopping I hear it all the time, “I hate shopping.”  I totally get it, I hate shopping when I’m in a hurry, I can’t find what I’m looking for, or when nothing fits me!  When it comes time for us to go shopping, we will be mindful, strategic, and clear with our shopping goals.  It will be a combination of pre-shopping, shopping together, shopping on your own, and shopping online.

Outfit Curation – We will style outfits for your day-to-day events and upcoming social occasions. You will begin to experience those Style Wins, when you look and feel your very best.  The keepers from your closet edit will be transformed into current and stylish outfits – to wear immediately!

Hair style + color evaluation Our hair style and color help frame and flatter our face.  When it comes to style, our hair really is the icing on the cake.  We will meet with a professional hair stylist and discuss styling options.  Hair services not included.

Skincare/Make-up evaluation – We must care for our skin, our largest organ, with organic and safe products.  Drinking fresh and pure water, avoiding plastics and other harmful chemicals will help our skin tremendously.  You will receive a list of safe products and we’ll evaluate your skincare regime and make-up choices.  Products not included.

Professional HeadshotNow it’s time to capture your beautiful transformation and tell your Style Story with a professional headshot.  Arrangements will be made for your headshot session.  Sitting fees included.  Additional photos extra.

*Travel fees apply when commuting is over 45 minutes from Novato.  Fees will be billed at $15 per every quarter hour exceeding the 45 minutes.

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