Simple Style

The more choices we give ourselves, the more exhausted we get.  This is true when we go clothes shopping; we can become tired simply by the over-abundance of choices.  Retailers fill their stores with different styles, colors, and fit.  It would be wonderful if they created a map – clearly marking seasonal color palettes and fit charts.  Instead, we must create our own map.  Here are six tips for simple style.   Limiting our choices, by properly preparing ourselves for the shopping experience, will result in a kinder more productive use of our time and resources.  Here are seven ways to lessen the stress of shopping – and reward yourself with a closet full of happy.

  • Organize the clothes in your closet by color and function – pants, skirts, tops, dresses, shoes.
  • Cull your closet – keep items in your color palette and that fit well, take out items that are not your color, worn, or dated.
  • Start playing dress-up by creating outfits suitable for work, weekend, or whenever.
  • Create a list of pieces you need to complete your outfits.
  • Decide on five pieces – start with basics – and shop for those first.
  • Give yourself plenty of time, and remain focused on your five basic pieces.


I find simple is better – and easier!  I know you can dress your best – give it a try.

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