The Chickadee Network: Multi-Generational Mentoring

The Chickadee Network is for generations of women to share knowledge, build confidence, and nurture connections while having fun and being inspired in a community filled with joy and positivity.

The small, but mighty, chickadee symbolizes elevated thinking capabilities. Which means, it has a better understanding of the self, as well as that of the world. Additionally, it is fearless with regards to expressing one’s truth, being happy in the self, and faithful to others around. This amazing bird is cheerful, truthful, positive, trusting, flexible, curious, brave, joyful, happy, adaptable, sociable, & friendly.

We envision classes and opportunities for girls and women to come together and learn from each other. Our programs and events will happen in the Northern California region to start with, and expand from there. Please contact Jenny to learn more and become a part of this exciting new project!

Some of our ideas include:

  • Upcycling and Re-cycling Fashion: DIY
  • Personal Style and Color
  • Etiquette and Communication
  • Sewing and Fashion Design
  • Looking and Feeling your Best
  • Wardrobe on a Budget


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